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Whatever your shooting dicipline, we are here to help you find what  you  need at a great price!

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We've enjoyed shooting most disciplines, we carry a selection  of stock & we can order for you.

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We stock a wide selection of sport shooting accessories incl ear defenders, scopes, bags, spotting scopes, glasses, cleaning & cosplay full & half masks, glasses & goggles for airsoft & paintball

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A New RFD Business



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Terms & Conditions. Calibre guns 2019

Terms & Conditions. Calibre guns 2019.  

Please note & please read the following T&Cs and legal requirements carefully.   

UK laws states you have to be 18 years or older, with proof of I.D to purchase ANY firearm.  

The Firearms act details the legal obligations and requirements to allow the legal sale / transfers / purchasing of Firearms. 

Should you have any doubts, please review the current Firearms act. For initial/additional/helpful references/links please see the foot of this document.   

Firearms can not be purchased by  persons of 18 years (& over) and then given for use to junior persons (under the age of 18 years) outside of the specific / conditions / parameters as detailed by UK Law. 

It is an offence for a person in possession of an air gun to fail to take “reasonable precautions” to prevent someone under the age of 18 from gaining unauthorised access to it.

If it is thought that this may occur then we reserve the right to refuse/terminate a transaction.  

Please do not be offended if we uphold or instigate this procedure. 

Please do not be offended when we ask for proof of I.D. and age.  

All junior persons / persons under 18 years utilising / using any type of firearm / must  be supervised by an adult / person / parent / guardian and must comply with the specific requirements of UK law. 

Air rifle muzzle energy must be below 12 ft lbs and air pistol below 6 ft lbs - anything with a higher velocity than this will require a FAC ( Fire Arms Certificate )

For full compliance requirements / information please see and review the Firearms act and other UK applicable legislation for the safe and legal use of firearms.   

Firearms CAN NOT be delivered to your home address .

FAC & Shotgun purchases must be either collected in person by the buyer from Calibre Guns or shipped & collected using RFD to RFD transfer via a Registered Firearms Dealer (*) (**)

(Low power air rifles/pistols maybe shipped in specific / controlled condtions/via specific couriers).

When ordering and or collecting your Fireman please provide / bring with you valid originals of the following applicable documents please.  

- a valid photo form of identification, 

- your firearms certificate  

-  your shotgun certificate.  

- a utility bill with your own name and address upon it. (not more than three (3) months old. 

- your RFD license/certificate   

Without the above (where applicable, for FAC &/OR shotgun etc.), collections will not be permitted.

Photocopies, scans, facsimile copies or out of date originals of these documents will not permitted or accepted. 

Third (3rd) party collections are not permitted.  

Please always verify that you have an open slot on a certificate / licence and space on your permitted ammunition allowance. 

It is your legal liability / obligation to check and verify. 

Should you wish to discuss this with us or if you require more information please call us on 07847204902  or email us at 

We are happy to help and look forward to discussing your requirements. 

Should you wish, please call for a client consultation to discuss your requirements.  

(*) please note, transfers between 3rd party dealer(s) will typically incur a  secure courier shipping fee for RFD to RFD transfers. 

Please discuss this with us when discussing your requirements. 

(**) please note, 3rd party dealer(s) will typically charge a handling fee for RFD to RFD transfers. Please discuss this with us when discussing your requirements  

Please note: Scan copies of proof of your identification documentation will be taken before/during the transaction. 

This procedure is a legal requirement and these scan documents/copies of documentation will be retained and stored in accordance of the legal and timeframe requirements and as required will be provided/copied to the Firearms Authorisation officer/team, as proof of legal transaction.  

All orders will be subject to a minimum deposit of 50% of the total order value  (these are non refundable in the event of cancellation by the buyer of an order or non collection of an order). 

We do reserve the right to request full payment at the time of ordering depending upon specific order parameters,  incl but not limited to the order total price.  

We currently accept, Cash and interbank transfers only.

No warranties are supplied or implied with any new or pre-owned item sold by Calibre Guns.  

All items are sold as seen.  

No 3rd party warranties are supplied for / from any original equipment suppliers.  

All items sold will be sold on the basis of a full & comprehensive visual inspection, performed / undertaken by the purchaser prior to / at the time of purchasing any item or items. 

The purchase of any item or items will then form a legal contact that all goods purchased were of merchantable quality and fit for the purpose, due to the purchasers agreement / completion and acceptance of the item or items after this visual inspection and acceptance of these terms and conditions by then continuing to procure / purchase the item or items and the legal consideration undertaken within / a contingent  part of a legally binding contract  defined by uk law. 

A dated receipt will be provided to the client for proof of fiscal transaction purposes only.  

Vat will be charged on all applicable items at the current UK rate.   

Initial reference information may be reviewed/ viewed/ located at: (#) 

(#) please note, these links are provided for reference only / and are provided only as a guide. These suggested links are not intended to be definitive / comprehensive and are not provided as the most current legislative links for these reference documents / and these links will/may not be updated to the most current U.K. legislation.   


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